Our journey started with a love for ink and the desire to create products that heal and enhance your tattoos. We're here to connect with the tattoo community, whether you're a devoted tattoo lover, an artist, or just beginning your ink journey.



At the heart of Lonely Sunday, you'll find Max and Jodie, co-founders from Norwich, UK who share an unwavering love for tattoos. This shared passion has driven them to create products that heal, enhance, and celebrate the world of tattoos.

Their journey has been a hands-on one, marked by months of research, testing, and the crafting of products using the finest natural ingredients. They believe tattoo care should be enjoyable - it's a crucial element in preserving your ink for the long run. That's why they've gone beyond the basics, and are offering a range of scents and colours, turning your routine into a fun experience.


Co-founder of Lonely Sunday, covered almost from head to toe by the skilled hands of award winning artist, Bryce Garnham. Over 250 hours spent in the tattoo studio have provided Max with a unique perspective, valuable insights, and a profound understanding of the tattoo healing process. Having undergone the healing process numerous times, Max's deep knowledge is now channeled into crafting Lonely Sunday's range of natural tattoo care products.


Jodie, the other half of the Lonely Sunday co-founder team. Jodie's journey with tattoos began when she was a kid, driven by her love for art and design. She currently has two sleeves and leg tattoos done by various artists. But she's not stopping there. With hands-on experience in caring for both colour and black-and-grey tattoos, she's here to bring you natural products that truly work.